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The Deki BabyBalanz Turns Your Stroller Into A Baby Rocker

Despite what the old guys at the office tell you about the pitfalls of multitasking, if you didn’t do more than one thing at a time as a new parent, you’d never get anything done. Which is why if offered the choice between rocking your kid’s stroller in place for an hour to keep them from crying or letting a machine do it while you eat a turkey sandwich, you hire the machine.

Developed in Spain (those people know napping), Deki BabyBalanz is portable device that turns any stroller into an automatic baby rocker, thus allowing you to get back to doing more important things — like washing bottles, or sending work email, or deciding which tight end to start on Sunday. Attach the Balanz to the stroller’s front wheel and hit the “on” switch (actually, 2 “on” switches — for safety!) From there, the rocker’s 40 RPM motor gently moves the stroller back and forth in a motion. Of course, you want to stick close — but honestly, what could go wrong?

The Deki BabyBalanz is designed for babies up to 18 months (or 28 lbs), fits almost every stroller on the market, and — at a 3.3lbs — isn’t that much of a pain to take on the go. The battery reportedly lasts up to 3 hours between charges (colored LEDs on the side indicate how much juice is left), so feel free to settle in for a nice afternoon nap in the park. It can also be plugged in at home if you haven’t already pushed your parental duties off on your Snoo Smart Sleeper.

Deki BabyBalanZ Automatic Rocker
The Deki BabyBalanz debuted at last month’s ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas but won’t hit shelves until early next year. Or you can just plan that babymoon to Valencia and grab it early.

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