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The Coolest Minifigures From Lego's Daily Bugle Set

One of the tallest Lego sets also has 25 amazing minifigures, including some never-before-seen ones. Here are our favorites.

Man building and playing with the coolest minifigures from LEGO's Daily Bugle Set.

At over 3 feet tall, Lego’s Spider-Man Daily Bugle build is loaded with details and Easter eggs for both the Lego and Marvel fan. But what may be the most impressive aspect is the 25 minifigures included in the set, including a few new heroes. The following heroes alone make this a must-have set for collectors.

The Punisher

Appearing in Lego form for the first time, Frank Castle, aka The Punisher, shows up in full glory with his iconic skull costume. Already a collector’s item, this minifig is currently valued at $22.