Boosted Board Is An Electric Skateboard That Can Top 20 MPH

All the fun, none of the work.

by Dave Baldwin
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[Note: Since this article posted, Boosted Boards has issued an alert for their 2nd generation boards due to 2 reports of smoking within the battery packs. Click here for up-to-date recall and replacement information.]

If your kid is reaching an age where they begin to suspect that their scooter is a little lame and that big kid skateboard is somehow cooler, congratulations! You’re about to be uncool, too. You can stave that off for another year or 2 by pulling your old board out of the closet and joining them for a neighborhood shred, but you’ll soon remember a fundamental truth about skateboarding: it’s exhausting. Which is why you might consider the new Boosted Board.

First, don’t let the name fool you: the Boosted Board is not stolen. It’s actually a motorized, battery-powered longboard designed for commuting that boasts a top speed of 22 MPH and can cruise up to 14 miles on a single charge before you realize you’ll need to take a bus home. The 38-inch deck is made of bamboo and fiberglass, and comes tricked out with 80mm wheels, custom trucks, and regenerative brakes. Also, DC motors and a high-torque belt drivetrain; you know, to make it actually move (in forward and reverse) without you kick-pushing to exhaustion.

To ride, all you do is climb on and use the handheld Bluetooth-enabled remote throttle to accelerate and brake. That’s it. No physical effort required. Balance, however, still is (and, unfortunately, it’s not included). That said, if those sick skate skills you exhibited in middle school don’t come rushing back after a few rides, you can adjust the riding mode to your skill level and terrain. Now you can still carve away … just much more slowly.


Based on your need for speed (or affinity for Top Gun quotes), range, and ability to climb steep hills, there are three models to choose from: Single (18 MPH, 8-14 miles,10 percent grade), Dual (20 MPH, 7-12 mile, 20 percent grade), and the Dual Plus (22 MPH, 7-12 miles, 25% grade). Also, depending on how far you live from the office/the grocery store, you can opt for either a standard (99 watt-hours, 6-7 miles) or extended range (199 watt-hours, 12-14 miles) battery; both can be easily swapped out and also power an accessory port for add-ons like headlights.

In general, 10 minutes of charging equals one mile of riding. If you do run out of juice while literally picking up juice, however, don’t worry; it’s still a regular old skateboard — kick push away!

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