The Best Xbox One Games for Kids

The best games to play together.

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If your kid isn’t yet old enough to stab targets from above in Assassin’s Creed or stare down a sniper rifle scope in Call of Duty, you’ll need to know the best Xbox One games that are family-friendly. And while it’s not all that difficult to find Xbox games for kids, finding good family games—titles that will hold kids’ attention without boring you to tears when you spend time together playing multiplayer games—is a more difficult proposition.

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Our favorite titles for one-, two-, or multiplayer are rated for either “everyone” or “everyone over 10.” They have plentiful positive reviews from real players, and, most importantly, they’re a blast to play. Whether it’s a Disney adventure game or a reboot of a classic two-player racing game, there’s something for families to enjoy on this list.

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The Best Xbox Games for Kids

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