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The Best Way To Ensure Your Computer Is Turned Off During Playtime


Here’s a guaranteed way to make sure you unplug when playing with your kids: turn your closed laptop into a blank canvas for an aspiring master builder (and your kid, too, if they want to play) with Brik Case.

The Brik Case is a toy brick base plate/cover for your MacBook. It’s not officially affiliated with Lego, Mega Bloks, PixelBlocks, KRE-O or K’NEX bricks, but — as the company states on its recently funded Kickstarter page — it just happens to be compatible with all of them.

There’s still time to back the project at $35 and receive a Brik Case from the initial product run in August. Currently, Brik Case fits on MacBook Airs and Pros from 2013 or later, but expect that to change when everyone in your local Starbucks sees you building a donut instead of getting any work done.

Now, if they can just make a case that turns your whole phone into one big Lego, you’ll never be distracted by work while playing with your kids again … oh, wait

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