The Best Of The Backyard: The Home Depot Edition

A man opening a bag of brown wood mulch

Your backyard is calling — it’s ready to bloom, grow, and provide. It’s ready to be the manicured space in which you grill, play, unwind, and entertain family and friends. And since you’ve likely been making grand plans for your outdoor space throughout the winter and spring, now is the time to turn those to-do lists and pie-in-the-sky dreams into IRL projects that will help you get the most out of your backyard all summer long.

The Fatherly team understands and appreciates the intense love you have for your outdoor space. It’s where your kids run, jump, use their imaginations, and quite literally grow up. It’s where you tend the flame for prime cuts of steak, cedar plank salmon, and farmer’s market fresh veggies. And late at night, with the stars twinkling above, it’s where marshmallows get squished between graham crackers and melty squares of chocolate. In this special edition of our beloved Best Of The Backyard series, we’ve compiled the finest outdoor items available at The Home Depot, from garden gear to lawn care equipment. Here are 7 summer goodies to add to your cart today.

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