The Best Musical Toys and Instruments for Kids So They Can Rock Out

Get ready to shred.

by Donna Freydkin
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musical instruments for toddlers set against a multi-colored background.

If the prospect of one more child-led performance of Wheels on the Bus makes you want to tear your ears out, we feel your auditory pain. Yes, musical instruments for kids often require a serious investment in staples like earplugs. But musical instruments for toddlers, like a baby drum set or toy toddler guitar, are also clutch developmental toys. Music is a shared activity, and musical toys help foster social-emotional skills.

Kids learn to express their feelings through songs. They figure out how to cooperate, especially when they create a mock rock band. Babies and toddlers learn cause and effect when they hit a drum, and hear the resulting bang. In terms of motor skills, music helps kids develop muscles in their legs and arms when they hold guitars or dance around. And when they stomp or shimmy or shake, they learn about balance and gain an awareness of their bodies.

When choosing musical instruments for kids, use your common sense. Toddlers are just learning the fine art of hand-eye coordination and honing their motor skills, so get them stuff they can easily bang on because banging on stuff is fun. Older toddlers and pre-schoolers start to engage in pretend play, so set them up with a musical kit that lets them imagine they’re on a festival stage, or that they’re in a band with their friends. Most of all, get them toys that are well-made and age-appropriate. A guitar that looks dope but is complicated enough for Eddie Vedder will only be discouraging and will wind up in the corner.

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The Best Musical Instruments for Toddlers

The Best Musical Instruments for Kids

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