The Best High-Tech Gear for New Parents

Your home is smart, so why shouldn't your baby gear be?

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Your home is getting smarter, so why shouldn’t your baby gear? Whether the technology is watching over their heartbeat from your wrist; creating gentle, purified breezes; or even rocking your infant to sleep, baby gear is smarter then ever — if you know where to look. Here are some of the most useful smart baby gear out now — must-haves for the connected parents.

Baby Bjorn Travel Crib Light

At 13 pounds and 2 feet square, the Baby Bjorn Travel Crib Light is the kind of weight and size you find in high-end ultralight backpacking gear. It’s rugged and washable, and it’s the only travel crib we’d want for our first kid and the only one that would last through our second.

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Kinsa Smart Thermometer

Touchless thermometers are the kind of convenience that make all the difference when your little one is under the weather (or are they just hungry?). The Kinsa Smart Thermometer is a great choice thanks to its soft, latex-like tip, fast read, and a free app allows you to monitor temps over time.

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Owlet Smart Sock + Cam

Owlet has brought the baby monitor into the 21st century with its revolutionary Smart Sock + Cam system. For the first time parents can remotely track a child’s heart rate and oxygen levels while viewing them on their smartphone in crisp 1080p HD video. The two-part system starts with the Bluetooth-enabled Sock, which secures to your infant’s foot via a comfortable wrap system. The Sock tracks heart rate and oxygen levels and sends real-time insights to your phone. It also includes a base station which glows green to reassure you baby is okay, but will notify you with lights and sounds if heart rate and oxygen levels leave preset zones. The Cam, which attaches to a magnetic base, can be positioned and easily adjusted as needed, and its super wide-angle lens and night vision ensure you never miss a moment. The proprietary Owlet app brings it home, marrying these technologies into one cohesive (and handy) package. Whether you’re in the next room or at the office, an encrypted feed of your child is easily accessible, giving you the confidence of knowing that he or she is okay. Two-way communication, background audio and a room temperature sensor further add to its usefulness.

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Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Purifier

Take care of your air quality year-round with the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Purifier. This air purifier doubles as a space heater in winter and fan in summer. Its hardcore HEPA filter strains passing air of 99.97% of ultra-fine allergen and pollutant particles. All this, plus voice command, a proprietary app, and nighttime sound-level control make it indispensable around the home.

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Stadler Form Eva Humidifier

While most humidifiers have two settings — “on” and “off” — this one hits a user-defined humidity level and then goes into maintenance mode (not unlike a thermostat for temperature). Compatible with scents, it can also be used as a mister with either warm or cool settings, depending on the season.

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Willow 2.0 Breast Pump

Truth be, pumping can be a pain in the ass. The wearable Willow 2.0 makes it both easier and less intrusive. Mom slips the two units under her bra and goes on with her day. Meanwhile, milk is pumped into two four-ounce milk bags. The units are spill-proof, quiet, and can be used in any position. Now, pumping doesn’t have to interrupt her day, making it perfect for the mom returning to work.

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Hatch Baby Grow Smart Changing Pad

It’s safe to say this is the highest-tech changing pad in the world. The foam base, shaped like a shallow bowl, helps corral wriggling babies, while still being easily cleaned and completely hygienic. Meanwhile, a proprietary Bluetooth app records weight, feeding amounts, and diaper changes, providing data that can be used to ensure healthy growth and development.

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Polaroid Zip Mobile Printer

For those who prefer the ease and accessibility of their camera phones, printing your ‘Gram-able moments has never been easier than with the Polaroid Zip Mobile Printer. Many companies make a comparable product, but it’s no surprise that the one that defined the category of instant film would do a printer better. Use its app on your phone, and the half-pound printer rips out adhesive-backed pictures in less than 60 seconds.

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Snoo Smart Sleeper

Ask any veteran dad, and he’s going to tell you that the first six months’ lack of sleep with a newborn will reduce the hardiest minds to that of Inception-level confusion. The Snoo Smart Sleeper bassinet steps into this gap, promising one more blessed hour of sleep per night for you and your child by shifting baby from side to side, mimicking the rhythm of the womb. While it has a mobile app that can be useful by tracking sleep patterns, its base unit use is something for which you’d be willing to pay good money. One hour’s worth of sleep now has a price tag.

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