The Best Kids Golf Clubs

From a plastic club perfect for toddlers to full sets ideal for developing players.

by Mike Dojc
kids golf set is pictured against a light blue backdrop

Smacking the dimples of a golf ball is one of life’s great small pleasures (or most persistent curses, depending on perspective). Regardless of your feeling at the moment, it’s one that you’d love for your kids to enjoy as much as you sometimes do. This is why even though you can’t make them want to spend three hours at the driving range, you can help nudge them toward golf with a set of kids golf clubs.

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Shopping for kids’ golf clubs is a lot more straightforward than buying their grown-up counterparts. When picking out golf clubs for kids, parents need to look at two main criteria says John Kim, a Senior Director at U.S. Kids Golf. The length of the club should be dependent on the child’s height as well as their current ability. Usually, kids golf clubs weigh less and are designed to be more lofted making it easier to control. “A golf club that is too long will hamper the child’s swing.” Similarly, “a heavy club will not only will they make the game more difficult, but it will also impede future development.”

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The Best Golf Clubs for Toddlers

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