The Best Baseball Equipment & Gear to Get Kids Ready for Little League

Get your kid ready for Little League season with this baseball equipment.

Considering baseball is America’s oldest pastime, teaching kids how to play is both a paternal and a patriotic duty. Improving a young player’s skills requires two things: proper instruction and a crap ton of practice (It’s all about the muscle memory, son). Assuming your kid’s baseball coach knows what he’s talking about when it comes to proper batting stance and slider-throwing, this baseball equipment and baseball gear for kids will help your Little Leaguer put it all together in the backyard.

Franklin Sports MLB Pitch-N-Hit

Franklin-Sports-MLB-Pitch-N-Hit -- baseball equipment

Officially licensed by MLB, the battery operated Pitch-N-Hit pops up a new baseball “pitch” every five seconds. The ball feeder holds up to nine plastic balls (although the set comes with four), there are three pitching positions, and it’s targeted to Tee-ballers (age five+) and their parents who play Wiffle ball.

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Softhands Baseball Fielding Trainer

Softhands Baseball Fielding Trainer -- baseball equipment

This foam fielding “glove” has secure finger grips in the back and aims to teach young players baseball’s golden rule of fielding: always use two hands. The trainer also drives home how important it is to get in front of the ball, something Roger Dorn had to learn the hard way. It’s good for righties or lefties.

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Louisville Slugger Triple Flame Ultimate Pitching Machine

Louisville Slugger Triple Flame Ultimate Pitching Machine -- baseball equipment

For parents whose pitching arms aren’t what they use to be, the Triple Flame is a spring-loaded, handheld machine that can throw up to four different pitches at three different speeds (45 mph, 50 mph, 55 mph). Not only that, but it can handle any number of balls ⏤ Wiffle, baseball, softball, whatever ⏤ as well as fly balls, grounders, and even pop-ups to catchers. The automated baseball thrower comes with two Lite-Flite training balls and is made for players age 12 years and up.

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Soft Hit Practice Baseballs

Soft Hit Practice Baseballs -- baseball equipment

Remember that scene from The Sandlot when Dennis Leary clocks his stepson in the eye with a baseball? Sure, it’s hilarious ­­⏤ but Smalls also wouldn’t have needed that ribeye to keep the swelling down if they’d been tossing one of these instead. Soft Hit practice balls are official-size (nine-inch) lightweight poly foam training baseballs that won’t hurt or knock out any teeth. Kids will feel more comfortable getting in front of grounders or crowding the plate, and they’ll be much less of a need for a “there’s no crying in baseball” speech. They come in yellow or white, 12 for $30.

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SKLZ Hit-A-Way Softball Swing Trainer

SKLZ Hit­A­way Softball Swing Trainer -- baseball equipment

Think of this hit-a-way trainer as tetherball, but with a softball on the line. It lets future Jenny Finches take up to 500 cuts per hour, working on swing/stance mechanics, timing, and hand-eye coordination. Even better: dad doesn’t have to chase down a bucket full of baseballs. It also comes in a baseball version, attaches to any tree or pole with Velcro, and is small enough to take to the park in a backpack.

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Franklin MLB 2­-in-­1 Pitch Target & Return Trainer Set

Franklin Sports MLB Pitch-N-Hit -- baseball equipment

The easiest way for pitchers to practice hitting the strike zone: throw a lot of pitches. And that’s much easier when the baseball bounces right back. The Franklin 2-in-1, however, does more than that. While one side is a traditional ball returner, the other rocks a silk-screened catcher and patented ball collection system. Throw a strike and the ball disappears into a bag. When all the balls disappear, the batter is out. And your Nolan Ryan gets to do it again.

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SwingAway Hitting Machine

SwingAway Hitting Machine -- baseball equipment

A combination of the Softball Swing Trainer and the 2-in-1 Pitch Target, this fold-up baseball hitting machine used by the pros lets players build muscle memory by practicing their swing over and over ⏤ and then over again some more. It reportedly provides the feel of hitting live pitches, the balls can be positioned anywhere in the strike zone, and the training mat teaches how to hit different pitch locations. Also, it’s perfect for when none of Junior’s friends are around.

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BacKstop -- baseball equipment

Forever ending the debate over whether a pitch was a ball or strike, BacKstop is five-foot wide and four-foot tall inflatable catcher that features a strike zone backed by a net ⏤ if the pitch doesn’t end up in the net, it’s not a strike. The patented system is designed for use with Wiffle balls and other hardball substitutes.

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The Blast Baseball 360 Hitting Solution

The Blast Baseball 360 Hitting Solution -- baseball equipment

The silicone Blast sensor easily mounts on the bottom of any baseball bat and uses motion-capture technology to dispense a novella’s worth of data on every swing, from bat and hand speed to the angle of attack. It pairs to a smartphone app and, in addition to simply generating raw data, also provides drills and training tips to help take your future Jose Altuve to the next level.

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ESPN Future Pro Marked Baseballs and Softballs

ESPN Future Pro Marked Baseballs and Softballs -- baseball equipment

Teaching your kid a fastball and a curveball is hard. The ESPN Future Pro Marked Baseballs and Softballs make it a walk in the park. The balls have different marks on them, illustrating where your kid should place their fingers for each pitch. For more instruction, you can watch a demonstration video on ESPN’s website.

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