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The 15 Best Back-to-School Deals On Amazon Right Now

Sometimes procrastination pays.

Back in the good old days, school started after Labor Day. Kids got a long summer, and parents got more time to do their back-to-school shopping. Not only that, but by waiting until the last minute, parents could save big cash on clothes, shoes, and school supplies by taking advantage of Labor Day sales. It was a win for everybody.

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Not so much anymore. Especially for kids, many of whom now go back to class in early August. (Booo.) For parents who aren’t boycotting the School Supply Industrial Complex out of principle, however, it can still pay to wait on that back-to-school shopping. By Labor Day, most retailers (both online and brick-and-mortar) are marking down tons of B2S gear in a desperate attempt to clear those shelves that haven’t already been picked clean.

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To help you find the coolest discounted back-to-school gear ⏤ from pens, gadgets, and sneakers, to lamps, clocks, and earbuds ⏤ we scoured Amazon for the best Labor-Day deals. Here are 15 you won’t want to miss.

back-to-school amazon labor day sale

1. Because two 7-inch Kindle Fires are better than one, Amazon is selling the value pack for $150, or $50 off. Each tablet rocks 16GB of storage, an eight-hour battery life, and a kid-proof hard case in either pink, blue, or yellow. 

Buy Now $150

2. Assuming your daughter didn’t find the book bag of her dreams on our list of coolest new backpacks, the 12-inch Paw Patrol Girls Skye Backpack in pink is on sale for $19. Even better than the 25 percent savings? There’s a rotating metallic propeller on the front. 

Buy Now $18

3. Hip parents have hip kids. And hip kids wear fresh retro sneaks like these classic Saucony Jazz Hook & Loop Sneakers, which are on sale for on $23. 

Buy Now $25-$60

4. Seven hundred customers have reviewed the Etekcity Dimmable LED Desk Lamp and given it a perfect 5-star rating. Not even a sliver of an unshaded star. Right now, Amazon is slicing $22 off so it can sit on Junior’s Jaswig standing desk for only $28. 

Buy Now $30

5. Big Savings Alert: Photive’s True Wireless Bluetooth Earbud Headphones are both well-reviewed and half off at $50. Pay full price, however, and you can throw in a second pair for yourself. 

Buy Now $40

6. Keep all of those new back-to-school clothes organized in EZOWare’s foldable canvas/tweed storage cubes. They come with handles and three to a pack for $20 (60 percent off) in brown and gray. 

Buy Now $23

back-to-school amazon labor day sale

7. Don’t get nickel-and-dimed on separate packs of office supplies, when you can score everything a kid needs ⏤ pens, pencils, erasures, highlighters, even dry erase markers for their big presentation to the CFO ⏤ in this 20-piece Writing Essentials Kit for only $10. 

Buy Now $15

8. Help prep your youngster for their first day of school with Julie Danneberg’s First Day Jitters, a popular 32-page kids book that has a twist ending you’ll never see coming. It’s only $6. 

Buy Now $5

9. It’s never too early to get a kid scheduling their own appointments. Save yourself the late-December calendar rush by snagging At-A-Glance’s 2018 monthly planner for $14, or 36 percent off. 

Buy Now $12

10. Kids love water bottles, as is evidenced by the frequency at which they ask to drink from yours. Contigo’s 14-ounce AUTOSEAL Trekker with spill/leak-proof lid not only looks cool, but costs just $10 ⏤ and that’s for a two-pack. 

Buy Now $13

11. Because nobody’s waking up with the sun once school starts, InLife’s Wake-Up Sunrise Simulation Alarm Clock gradually brightens for 30 minutes before your alarm time. Not only that, but it also dims at dusk and boasts six natural white noise sounds, including forest and birds. Most importantly, it’s marked down 64 percent this weekend to $29. 

Buy Now $30

12. Really more for you than your kid, this tactical pen from 2cl direct is marked way down to $12. Which is a steal when you consider it’s equipped with survival blades, a LED flashlight, glass breaker, and a multitool. 

Buy Now $15

13.  Ten meals, 30-pieces, three colors: Rubbermaid’s TakeAlong containers have your entire family’s lunches covered for only $16. 

Buy Now $21

14. For the older kid who’s past the Star Wars lunch box years, there’s MIER’s Insulated soft cooler bag. It boasts a shoulder strap, leak-proof liner, and an external pocket for plastic cutlery. It’s also on sale for $11. 

Buy Now $11

15. DGHunter’s Big MagicBox is a portable Bluetooth speaker that can make hands-free calls and usually costs $80. Right now, it’s $34. Consider yourself informed. 

Buy Now $37