This All-in-One Grill and Pizza Oven Is Ready to Party

Never choose between a steak and a steak-lovers pizza again.

by Dave Baldwin
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Alfa Pizza Toto wood-fired oven and grill

Some dudes champion themselves the ultimate grill master, there’s no steak or chop they can’t sear to perfection. Others prefer the title pizza-maker extraordinaire ⏤ a little pepperoni, a little mozzarella, the perfect crust every time. For the backyard chef who prides himself on being both, there’s the Toto Grilloven.

At a time when self-cooking smart grills are all the rage, Italian grill/oven specialists Alfa 1977 are headed in a different direction. They’ve conjoined a stainless-steel grill with a wood-fired brick pizza oven ⏤ and they’ve thrown in a cook deck for a wok too. Because you shouldn’t have to choose between a grilled steak, steak stir-fry, or a coal-blistered pizza. You just shouldn’t. The 2-foot by 2-foot grill on the right burns wood or charcoal. Meanwhile, the 465-square inch oven on the left can hit temps of 930-degrees (as measured on the integrated thermometer), has a built-in smoke duct, and comes with a removable ceramic door. Underneath the Toto Grilloven, there are two large utility storage drawers.

The Toto Grilloven rocks a sleek modern aesthetic and looks damn sexy in either yellow or gray. It costs $5,500, not including shipping and handling.

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