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The 8 Best Math Apps For Preschoolers That Teach Basic Arithmetic

You already know that your preschooler should be getting less Paw Patrol and more Pythagoras in their daily screen-time diet. Couple that with the fact that the United States is a solid 35 out of 64 on standardized test math scores (eat it, Lithuania) and you have a good reason to start boosting their computational skills as early as possible. Smartphone apps are a good way to do that … right?

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The kids media experts at Common Sense Media think so, but they also think trusting someone’s review in the app store might not ensure your kid’s screen time is actually educational. So they vet thousands of math apps and educational apps for up to 12 different criteria, including everything from learning methodology to how likely your kid is to siphoning your checking account through in-app purchases. Here are the best math apps for toddlers and preschoolers that pass their smell test and will get your kid learning all those skills you forgot the second you were handed a high school diploma.

Endless Numbers Endless Numbers -- math apps for preschoolers

Monsters are already teaching your kid everything from how to enjoy cookies to how to share. Why stop there? Endless Number ‘s animated ugly dolls will introduce concepts like counting, sequences, and basic arithmetic in fun ways. Because the only thing more fun than riding a Ferris wheel is counting all the cars on one … is what you tell your child.

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Ages: 4+

Free (iOS) (Android) (Windows)

Motion Math: Hungry Guppy Motion Math: Hungry Guppy -- math apps for preschoolers

Doesn’t the expression go something like: “Give a preschooler a fish, he’ll be all like, “ewww, gross!” But give them the absolute best math app for teaching them different ways to do quick calculations and come up with sums using fish, they’ll understand math for a lifetime.” No? Pretty sure that was Stephen Hawking who coined that one.

Ages: 4+

$2.99 (iOS) (Android)

Quick Math Jr. Quick Math Jr. -- math apps for preschoolers

From the makers of Shiny Kids comes an app that tailors itself to your mathlete’s aptitude. It handles all of the requisite addition, subtraction, and monster counting — but it also includes handwriting recognition. That means your kid isn’t just counting on their fingers and toes, but also knows how to write numbers when they get to kindergarten.

Ages: 4+

$2.99 (iOS)

DragonBox Numbers DragonBox Numbers -- math apps for preschoolers

It’s the Grand Theft Auto of math apps — without the dead bodies, drugs, swearing, weapons, or prostitutes. What it does share is a “sandbox” mode, where your kid can play freely play with furry squiggles called “Nooms” that represent different numerals. (And may also be prostitutes.)

$7.99 (iOS) (Android) (Amazon)

Ages: 3+

Doodle Math Numbers Doodle Math Numbers -- math apps for preschoolers

It’s important to be able to count to 10 before tackling bigger concepts, like a unified theory of everything. Doodle Math gets your preschooler there using 6 games where they learn numerals by name, shape, and how to group them. Once your kid gets through that they earn a puzzle piece. Once they get enough puzzles pieces they can make a picture. Once they complete the picture they get into Harvard.

$2.99 (iOS)

Ages: 4+

Drive About: Number Neighborhood Drive About Number Neighborhood -- math apps for preschoolers

You may find yourself driving around aimlessly in the real world (Waze, you’re the worst), but at least you can point your kid in the right direction on their iPad. Cruise to 9 familiar destinations (playground, marina … cake shop) where your easy rider can learn basic math skills and fine motor skills taught through verbal instruction. Because unlike stop and go traffic, math makes sense.

$2.99 (iOS)

Ages: 4+

Moose Math by Duck Duck Moose Moose Math by Duck Duck Moose -- math apps for preschoolers

From the studio that brought you the finest games about farm animals and construction equipment comes the best math app for teching kids stills they can actually use (assuming they don’t become a farmer or a truck driver). Moose Math contains 5 games that teach geometry, sorting, counting by multiples and more. It also lets parents view a progress report, so you can see just what the hell you’re paying this moose for.

$1.99 (iOS) (Android) (Amazon)

Ages: 4+

Bugs and Numbers Bugs and Numbers -- math apps for preschoolers

Kids love bugs. They may be a little less psyched about math. But when you have a parade of realistic-looking creepy crawlies showing them how to tell time, divide numbers into fractions, and use money (worker bee’s gotta eat!) they might actually want to participate. For parents, it will just remind you that bed bugs are probably hiding in your hotel room.

$2.99 (iOS)

Ages: 4+