The Bandito Mosquito Blocking Wristband Promises to Keep You Bite Free

It look less than an hour for the Bandito to reach its funding goal on Indiegogo.

Nothing can ruin a barbecue, a hike or a trip to the playground more quickly than a swarm of mosquitoes who want to nibble on you and your family. Sure, you can light citronella candle or slap them away with a swatter. But, thanks to a few technological advancements — and companies eager to help in your fight against the pests — there are now more advanced options for safely keeping mosquitoes away from your family. One of the more intriguing options is the Bandito a mosquito-repelling wristband that creates a cone of defense around wearers through which mosquitoes won’t pass.

The Bandito is a lightweight product you can wear on your wrist like a bracelet or clip elsewhere on your person. It eschews chemicals in favor of a two-pronged attack on mosquitos. A non-toxic scent strip containing citronella, peppermint, and lemongrass lives inside it. (They smell great to you and terrible to mosquitos.) There’s also a high pitched sound, similar to the one emitted by plug-in repellants, that you won’t really be able to hear but that drives them crazy.

Each refill contains 12 scent strips, each of which lasts about two weeks, and a battery that lasts about 500 hours.

People so intrigued by the promise of the Bandito that the mosquito repelling wristband, which recently launched on Indiegogo, was fully funded in less than an hour. To date, 1,461 backers have spent $128,597 on the campaign, more than five times its initial $25,000 goal.

Now, the Bandito is still in the prototype phase and won’t be shipped to backers until August. But, if it lives up to claims, it’ll be able to keep you bite-free through the peak late summer season.

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