Teach Your Kid STEM And DIY Skills At The Same Time, No Screens Required

Forget the A-B-Cs, it's all about the S-T-E-Ms.

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You’ll be shocked to learn that an educational toy and activity startup called Technology Will Save Us thinks kids these days need to learn their S-T-E-M’s just as much as their A-B-C’s. But even if the name is a bit utopian for your liking, you have to admit they have a point. They also have a one-stop online shop packed with DIY kits your kid needs to prepare for whatever job they wind up with that hasn’t been invented yet.

The kits teach kids as young as 4 practical skills like soldering, electronics, programming, design, debugging, and problem solving through everyday activities they might already enjoy — and you might actually recognize. The idea is to teach kids to see tech as a tool for making useful real-world stuff, rather than a thing that exists for its own sake/crushing candies. For example, there are the Speaker and Synth kits for budding musicians, the Thirsty Plant Kit for gardeners, or the Gamer Kit for gamers (and coders and hackers). Kits range from $25 to $100, but teachers can buy them in bulk at a discount, so maybe fold the URL up on a piece of paper and go shake Ms. Johnson’s hand.

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Additional online resources include checklists of required tools, instructions, and ways to expand upon the base kits. After mastering those, your kid will be well prepared to invent, code, and make the future, or thwart the inevitable robot uprising. Put another way, when technology comes to destroy us, Technology Will Save Us … will save us.

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