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This NASA-Inspired Camper Gets The Family Off The Ground, And The Grid

If you’re one of those guys who spends every winter dreaming about buying a family camper and every summer waking up with a tree root in your back (and Junior’s foot in your face), then perhaps this is the year you finally pull the trigger. If you do — or if you don’t and just want to kill some time daydreaming at your desk — check out Taxa’s new NASA-inspired 2017 Cricket Camper.

taxa cricket trailer

Here’s what you need to know about the tow-behind, other than that it looks pretty darn slick rolling down the highway. One, it sleeps 2 adults and 2 kids, and everybody gets a bed. No need to ship your youngest off to a tent. Two, at only 15-feet long (you’ve driven moving trucks that were bigger) and 1,450 pounds, you can pretty much tow it with your Camry, or any other 4-cylinder vehicle. And 3, man oh man does it come with a view: 10 windows all told (4 swing, 5 mesh) including one 32-inch by 20-inch picture window certain to provide stunning panoramas of the campground bathroom.

Taxa Cricket Camp Trailer

There are 2 models available: the Camp and the Trek. Both come with under-bed storage, pop-up table, 120V water heater, and LED lighting, not to mention an electrical system that can go off-grid for 3 days. The Trek, which is a little more tricked out, also includes all-terrain tires, a roof rack, fully-enclosed shower tent, patio awning, and a fridge/freezer. Neither of them, however, come cheap. In fact, with a price tag that starts around $30 grand, perhaps this is the year you buy a better camping mattress. And well, keep on daydreaming.

Buy Now $29,864

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