‘Swoveralls’ Are the Sweatpant-Overall Combo You Never Knew You Needed

There's even a giant bib pocket on the chest for a bottle of beer, um, milk.

by Dave Baldwin
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swoverall -- overalls for men
The Great Fantastic

Don’t look now but somebody just one-upped the Snuggie, the cozy sleeved blanket that once took the nation (and late-night TV) by storm. They’re called Swoveralls, and they’re a combination of two things you never wear ⏤ sweatpants and overalls for men and women ⏤ but are going to want to on lazy Sundays. Maybe? In any case, they’ll come in handy when you want to dress up as a train conductor to make your kid happy but also want to stay comfortable.

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The brainchild of NYC fashion buyer who plays on the Israeli Men’s National Lacrosse team, Swoveralls by the Great Fantastic (link) are: a) not a joke, b) overalls for women and men made of a super soft 100 percent pre-washed terry cotton; and c) billed as “functional, cool, and extremely comfortable.”

Swoveralls look it, honestly. The overalls for men rock a zip fly, deep front and rear pockets, elastic jogger cuffs, and snap closures on the sides. They come in two colors, blue and gray, are a nice addition to your weekend wardrobe/alternative your Sunday sport pants. Why take the kids to the park wearing a full Sweatsedo when you can don a comfortable pair of Swoveralls instead?

Listen, people love to mock dads for how willing they are to trade style for comfort and utility. There’s a reason cargo shorts, dad jeans, and the Nike Monarch are so damn popular. The beauty of the Swoverall is that you don’t have to make that tradeoff. Also, there’s a giant bib pocket square on the chest that can hold a can of beer, maybe a bottle of milk. Don’t underestimate the power of the urban overall.

Swoveralls run $85 a pair and are currently available in large and XL on Amazon, although medium and XXL should be online by early next month. Along with a version for women dubbed the “Dudette.” Hopefully, a pair for kids is in the works, as well. That said, don’t fret if you usually wear a medium. Thanks to the adjustable straps, if you stand between 5-foot-8 and 6 feet, the large should fit just fine.

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