The Best Stroller Covers & Costumes for Halloween

Even better, these costumes fold up with the stroller.

by Dave Baldwin
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stroller costumes

Listen, you’re never going to be lacking in the adorable outfits to zip your baby into for Halloween. But transforming your bundle of joy into a bumblebee, lion, or ladybug, while never not friggin adorable, is a bit tricky — not to mention difficult to remove when you need to peel off dirty diapers. A better option: baby stroller covers and costumes. Stroller Costumes is a new Las Vegas-based company that remedies this problem by selling playful cloth covers that fit on the outside of your baby pusher, transforming it into a big-eyed vehicle.

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Slow. Clap.

Funny enough, Stroller Costumes were not designed with Halloween parent pageantry in mind. They were actually created to convince newly mobile toddlers ⏤ specifically, the founder’s oldest ⏤ that riding in a stroller is still fun, even when you can walk. In fact, they were inspired by those grocery store shopping carts that look like trucks.

The costumes fit most strollers and even stay on when the stroller is folded up. That means you don’t have to keep stripping your pram down when you need to drive to Halloween parties. The covers connect to three points on the frame ⏤ so a baby bar or tray table is required ⏤ and use a patent-pending folding clamp and Velcro to adjust to any size carriage.

There are currently six styles available including a dump truck, police cruiser, and race car, all with fun names like “Bob the Contractor,” “Hank the Sheriff,” and “Jeanette the Pink Racer.” They run $45 each and are sold exclusively online. Buy one and a plastic hat for your baby and Halloween is in the bag.

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