Turn Your Kid Into The Next Great Pixar Director With This Stop-Motion Animation Kit

Drawing? What's that?

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If your kid is showing an early interest Frozen beyond singing the damn song on repeat (Still? Really? Really.), here’s a Toy Of The Year finalist that teaches them animation principles through good old-fashioned stop-motion.

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StikBot is the name of both the toy and the star of the show, a poseable figure with suction cup hands and feet that can mimic just about any human action while being an awesome dad pun. Place him in front of the provided green backdrop, shoot him frame by painstaking frame, and use the StikBot Studios app (for iOs and Android) to insert backgrounds and animate your kid’s very first stop-motion movie. You can then share said movie on social media using #StikBot to see how your StikBot’s adventures compare with all the other StikBots out there, because in 2016 your kid didn’t really play with a new toy unless at least 5 of your friends liked it.


StikBot is the perfect toy for cultivating a young animator’s imagination and disguising a lesson in hard work and patience as a cartoon of a stick figure taking a pie to the face. Mostly, it’s just about having fun — Disney can wait. (And it’s probably going to have to, because holy crap have you seen how long it takes to make 5 seconds of stop-motion animation?)

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