Stargazing Gear That Turns The Backyard Into Your Personal Planetarium

Open your junior Galileo's mind to the infinite wonders of the universe — and point out that big spoon in the sky.

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There’s nothing like stargazing to forge a beautiful father-child bond. Gazing into the infinite cosmos, opening their mind to the possibilities of such unfathomable vastness, and helping them understand our relative insignificance within the grand, sweeping story of the universe. Also, the stars make fun shapes. Look, a bear! And a giant spoon! Here’s everything you need to raise a junior Galileo.

Meade Instruments 216005 Polaris 127 EQ Reflector Telescope

The Polaris 127 is the ideal starter ‘scope according to Jason Kalirai, an astronomer at the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI). It has a 5″ aperture for bright, detailed images, 3 eyepieces for ideal magnifications, and slow motion controls that make it easy to track celestial objects moving across the night sky. Attempting to do so without a telescope is an amateur move better known as squinting into the darkness.

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Barska GLX 5mW Green Laser

How do you make sure your kid is focused on the right star when all those suckers look exactly the same from way down here? Point it out with a high-powered tactical laser. While wielding the beam, feel free to pretend you’re a badass Navy SEAL. Or Dr. Evil. Up to you.

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NightWatch: A Practical Guide To Viewing The Universe

It’s basically The Joy Of Cooking for stargazing, with every chart and how-to guide you could ever need. This edition is updated through 2025 with tables of future solar and lunar eclipses, planetary conjunctions, and planet locations, so you’ve got 10 years to turn your kid into a proper backyard astronomer or find a new hobby.

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Mission Control Sleeping Bag

Not everyone can be an astronaut, but everyone can dress up like one and pretend to know what they’re talking about. Hell, it worked for Ben Affleck.

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Petzl Tikka RXP Headlamp

You might think a shining beam of light atop your head would inhibit your ability to look up at the stars, and you’d be right. But you know what a shining beam of light is good for? Walking from the car to the stargazing spot on a pitch black night without twisting your ankle or losing your kid.

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REI Bug Hut Pro 2 Tent

The stars come out at night, but so do the mosquitoes. The Bug Hut’s built-in odorless Insect Shield® repellant gives you reprieve from the bugs while the full-coverage mesh lets you keep your view of the sky from inside. Duck in and enjoy the fact that you can do this activity with your kid while lying down.

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Celestron COSMOS 90GT WiFi Telescope

This telescope offers all the technical features necessary for outstanding views and weighs in at just over 20 pounds for easy portability. What’s truly unique, though, is that it’s the first wifi-enabled telescope for amateur astronomers. Just open the COSMOS Celestron Navigator app, hold your phone up to the night sky, and tap any object. The app immediately identifies the star or planet, and the telescope centers on it for easy viewing. Please note, your neighbors down the street are not considered celestial bodies.

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We Are Starstuff Shirt

The kings of the Cosmos + the king of the toys = the new king of your t-shirt drawer.

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Woolrich Appalachian Trail Jacquard Throw

When it starts to get cold but you’re still explaining the space-time continuum, wrap your kid (and yourself) in this wool throw and go on pretending to know what you’re talking about.

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