This Crazy Water Pellet-Shooting Gun Looks to Be the Future of Water Fights

Look out, Super Soaker.

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Well, it looks like Super Soaker might have some competition. The Spyra One, billed as “the next generation of water gun,” needed only 25 minutes to reach its funding goal on Kickstarter. It’s not hard to see why so many people are interested.

For starters, the Spyra One eliminates the most annoying part of using other water guns: the pumping. Many water guns a good deal of physical effort for just a few seconds of shooting, maybe one or two streams. The Spyra One has an internal pump that saves your arms and provides all of the pressure you need to fire the gun. It’s powered by a battery that allows it to shoot 1,125 times between charges.

But perhaps the best feature of the Sprya is that it fires water bullets. That’s right: water bullets. Instead of a long, dissipating stream, the gun fires one-ounce spurts of water. These water pellets, the company says, allow for more accurate firing and a longer range than traditional water guns.

The Spyra One’s tank holds 25 “bullets” worth of water, and, by all accounts, seems easy to refill. Submerge the Spyra One in water, press a button, and the tank refills in 14 seconds. A built-in filter means you don’t have to worry about anything gumming up the works, while a digital display shows how much ammunition and battery you have left, so you won’t be caught empty-tanked or uncharged in the middle of the next battle.

The Spyra One is still in the funding phase on Kickstarter, so you won’t be seeing them in stores any time soon. But in the long term, if it can live up to its promise, it will revolutionize the water gun battle as we know it.

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