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Outdoor Voices Clothing Is Basically A LuluLemon For Guys

Here’s an idea: Workout clothing that doesn’t look like superhero underwear. The shorts, tees and sweats from Outdoor Voices are made of technical fibers – blends that feel like cotton and wick moisture like whatever the Osain Bolt wannabe on the next treadmill is wearing – but styled to double as part of your weekend wardrobe. Maybe you’ll get your run in this weekend, or maybe you’ll just run to the playground for the fourth time in a row. Either way, you’ll be dressed like an adult who left the superhero underwear to his kids.

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The stuff isn’t cheap – it costs a little more than the flashier gear by Nike – but that stuff is produced in a Bangladeshi factory and Outdoor Voices employs honest-to-goodness ‘Merican hipsters in Los Angeles. So, you can feel good about looking good.

Cost Comparison: Outdoor Voices vs. Nike

Flatiron Crew

Buy Now $65

vs. Nike Dri-Fit Knit Short-Sleeve Shirt 

Buy Now $70

Runner’s Higher Shorts 

Buy Now $70

vs. Nike Phenom 2-In-1 Shorts

Buy Now $60

Runningman Sweats 

Buy Now $120

vs. Nike Y20 Track Pants

Buy Now $85

Finish Line Jacket 

Buy Now $120

vs. Nike Element Thermal Full Zip

Buy Now $90