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Solo Stove Looks To Bring The Bonfire To Your Tiny Backyard

No outdoor space? No problem.

by Jon Gugala
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With autumn peeking just around the corner, bonfire season is finally coming. But what about those of us with a small patch of sod or a city-view balcony? Solo Stove, the company behind some of the most beloved camping stoves and fire pit designs in the world, now have you covered with their new Mesa fire pit.

The company built a rabid following with its highly efficient, smokeless camp stoves that could boil water efficiently with whatever was on the forest floor — bark, rain-soaked twigs, dried grasses. Thanks to its unique design, which burns natural fuel more efficiently and with next to zero smoke, it was perfect for backpackers who didn’t want to carry fuel in their packs. Eventually, the company applied its design to full-sized fire pits for backyard use. For those without backyards, Solo Stove has just released the Mesa, a compact, tabletop-friendly fire pit designed for use in small outdoor spaces.

We may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.

Like Solo Stove’s other fire pits, the Mesa is constructed from stainless steel for durability and includes a riser ring, protecting vulnerable undersurfaces, including wood and plastics, from damage. It’s also designed with dual fuel capabilities, burning the sticks and twigs you find around town just as readily as bagged wood pellets, which can be found at any neighborhood supermarket.

The Mesa’s five ceramic colors, including Deep Olive, Mulberry, Bone, Ash, and Water (a stainless steel finish is also available), make it as good an excuse as any to leave your fire pit out as a handsome addition to outdoor decor.

At just under seven inches tall and around five inches wide, it’s larger than a backpacking stove yet markedly smaller than Solo Stove’s backyard fire pits. Designed to blast a little warmth atop an (outdoor) table, the apartment-sized fire pit is perfectly scaled to add ambiance to a balcony hangout or a marshmallow roast with the kids.

Beyond that, there are not actually all that many uses for the Mesa. If you’re not a fan of sitting around a fire with a drink, roasting marshmallows with your kids, you’re basically looking at an extremely complicated candle. But if you find yourself missing summer campfires and looking for an excuse to hang out outside instead of parking the family in front of the tv, this is a great way to go.

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