This New ‘Smart’ Nightstand Has a Built-In Fridge, Is a Parent’s Dream

This thing so smart it might as well be a member of MENSA.

by Dave Baldwin
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A ‘smart’ coffee table with a built-in refrigerator. That was the idea behind the Sobro. It debuted last year on Indiegogo, raised $1.6 million, and quickly took the internet by storm. Everybody it seemed, thought the idea of not getting up for a drink while watching TV was one for the ages. Rather than simply kick back with an ice-cold beverage from one of its own tables, however, the company behind the Sobro got to work expanding the product line. Behold, the latest piece of gloriously refrigerated furniture: the Sobro Smart Side Table.

Already fully funded on Indiegogo, the SSST from StoreBound (the same folks who brought you that pancake-making robot) is a similarly mod-styled companion piece designed primarily as a nightstand, although it works as an end table too. As a nightstand, however, it’s incredibly parent-friendly especially if there’s a baby still sleeping in the room that needs to eat in the middle of the night. And that’s because, like the coffee table, it includes a built-in thermoelectric cooling drawer with space for up to 15 bottles. Not only that, but rather than stumble around in the dark when the baby wakes, it has a motion-activated light bar (either warm or bright white) that kicks on when your foot hits the floor.

To help fall asleep, it has an integrated white noise machine and Bluetooth speakers through which to play your favorite bed-time podcast. To help wake up, assuming the baby isn’t still sleeping in the room, it rocks sunlight-simulating LEDs that can also be programmed in any color as a night (or mood) light. It’s all controlled through the Sobro Smart Sleep Mode app or by using Alexa-enabled voice commands.

As for non-sleep related features, it comes with a locking storage drawer to keep the kids out, a large integrated wireless charger for two phones, two 120V power outlets, and four USB ports, not to mention cord wraps in the back to help keep it, unlike the rest of your life, clutter-free. Also, the legs adjust and the table’s height extends from 24- to 29-inches.

The craziest thing of all, though, is probably the fact that StoreBound is currently selling the tables for only $299. At least during the crowdfunding phase, which runs about another month. After that, the price will skyrocket to $900. The Sobro Smart Side Table is slated to ship in October.

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