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The Equipment You Need to Build a High-Tech Smart Home Gym

From treadmills to kettlebells, classic gym equipment is going high-tech.

If your home gym is made up of a treadmill you bought during the Bush administration and weights that double as a tetanus risk, it’s time for an upgrade. And even if it isn’t, there are tons of devices in the nascent smart home gym category that will tempt anyone who exercises at home.

Wall-mounted video slates from two-syllable startups—Mirror, Tempo, Tonal—have gobbled up much of the attention. After all, they’re sleek, stylish, and have features like artificial intelligence and video tracking. They’re also quite expensive and, for the experienced gym rat, a potentially unwelcome change of routine.

But you don’t have to adapt to a brand-new kind of machine to reap the benefits of a smart home gym. A slew of more traditional gear, from treadmills to kettlebells, has been outfitted with tech that allows you to track, customize, and maximize your at-home workouts. Here are some of the best options.

Another home cycle gets a lot of buzz, but this more reasonably priced Echelon EX3 is a force to be reckoned with. It combines a great stationary bike with 32 levels of magnetic resistance with a great app that runs on an iPad strapped to the handlebars. That means live video classes, scenic rides, and trackable stats at your fingertips.

The integrated Bluetooth on these adjustable dumbbells track your sets, reps, and weight in the companion app, so you can keep tabs on your progress and ensure that the step-by-step video coaching you go through is tailored to your routines.

The built-in screen on this treadmill shows on-demand studio workouts that give the remote trainers the power to adjust your speed, incline, and decline so all you have to do is worry about running. There's even the bonkers ability to run through trails captured by Google Maps' street view.

This kit comes with a free-standing punching bag, a heavy mat, two pairs of gloves, and punch trackers that connect to an iOS app and count your hits. Follow along with customized workouts on your TV that integrate bodyweight exercises in addition to (kick)boxing.

This adjustable kettlebell has six onboard sensors, gyroscopes and accelerometers, that track your exercises and sync that data to the JaxJox app. Machine learning gives you a fitness IQ score and live and on-demand classes mean you'll get plenty of guided workouts using one of the most versatile pieces of exercise equipment around.

No gym is complete without a scale, and this Bluetooth-enabled model from eufy tracks 13 measurements besides weight, including body fat mass, bone, BMI, and body age. Everything syncs to the eufy app, which also connects to third-party trackers like Apple Health and Google Fit.

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