Skip The Training Wheels With These 6 Balance Bikes

Tricycles and training wheels are cool ... for chasing the other kids. Here are the balance bikes you should consider for your kid instead.

by Fatherly
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Balance bikes make tricycles and training wheels obsolete because they teach kids to balance before they learn to pedal. In retrospect, this makes way more sense, since balancing is the part that leads to falling and falling is what makes learning to ride a bike hard in the first place. Because balance bikes have no pedals, kids can get their feet down before they ever fall; by the time they’re ready for pedals, they’ve already learned to coast upright. You can start them as young as a year-and-a-half and never have to use the formerly popular “chase them frantically down the street as they careen dangerously toward the neighbor’s mailbox” learning technique. For more info, check out the comprehensive guide over at 2 Wheeling Tots, and for inspiration, check out this kid.

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