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Skin Care for Men: The Best Subscriptions for Everyone From Rookies to Aficionados

A good skin care routine is about more than just sunscreen — these subscription kits will keep your skin in the game all year round.

After soaking up some summer fun, you (hopefully) realize that skin care for men is important — not just blocking out harmful rays with the right sunscreen, but looking after the overall health of your skin. SPF aside, skin care is something you should be working on all year. Folding in some sort of morning process, that goes beyond splashing water on your face, pays off with smoother, more supple skin. Your eyes will have fewer fine lines, they won’t look as puffy, and your face will feel hydrated. So, yes, skin care for men is important and, by now, you understand starting a routine is a smart move, but what if you’re new to the world of pumps, squeeze tubs, and fancy creams?

Subscription kits are an easier way to start a skin care routine than diving into that rabbit hole of a lotion aisle at the pharmacy. Because kits show up every few weeks, they simplify things, which leads in turn to better consistency — the key to any successful regimen. These kits are designed to be as fussy as you want to get, from a basic three-bottle morning routine to larger sets that will fill a medicine cabinet shelf (and a good chunk of your morning). Most boxes give you enough product for about 30 days so you can see which works for you before subscribing. Plan on finishing the kit, as it’s common to see results in about three to six weeks.

The Best for Skin Care Rookies

This kit covers the basics with a body wash, facial cleanser, and facial moisturizer. Both washers have a very clean, barely-there fragrance. The moisturizer has a plant-based attractant that pulls moisture out of the air and binds it to your skin, keeping you supple. We also like the clean packaging which tells you how big a dollop of each product you need right on the tube. Schedule the kit to arrive every 30, 60, or 90 days.

The Best Comprehensive Routine

Tiege’s skincare line comes in three levels, and if you max it out, you'll have everything for a full day and night facial routine. The six-product set includes just about everything you need to manage your face—from washing to scrubbing to moisturizing—along with a handy card that walks you through the process. One of the pump bottles includes an eye cream to get rid of that tired look, which not every kit offers. Schedule the kit to arrive every 4 weeks.

The Best for Sun Protection

Made in Korea, this three-tube facial set includes a daily moisturizer with an SPF 50, so you leave the house with a blanket of protection without thinking about it. But the most unique tube in the kit is the powdery, pineapple scented (in a good way) facewash. Sprinkle some into your hands, add water, and it creates a rich foam cleaner. The only knock here is it's not available as a subscription.

The Best for Skin Care Nerds

Proven employs AI and a robust personal Q&A session to develop a profile of your skin before customizing a facial kit with a daily cleanser, moisturizer with SPF 30, and a night cream. The kit comes with cards that describe your skin, down to the water hardness of your zip code, along with the date your products were formulated. This is the brand your wife or girlfriend is most likely to have heard about. A new box arrives every 60 days. Schedule a kit to arrive every 4, 6, or 8 weeks.

The Best for Guys Who Enjoy the Process

The four bottles in this kit are just enough to be a serious skincare regimen for day and night but without going over the top. This kit looks the best, with weighty glass bottles (which you may want to avoid if you share a bathroom with kids) and a pump for the general-purpose face and body cleaner, which we appreciate. The toner is a liquid, for those who find creams annoying, and the two skin oils come with droppers for easy dispensing. A new box arrives every 2, 3, or 4 months.

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