Manage Screen Time On Every Device With This New Home Automation System

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by Steve Schiff
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Since you’re old enough to remember when connecting with people didn’t require Wi-Fi (yeah yeah, get off your lawn), you’re undoubtedly tired of having to compete with screens for your family’s attention. Ironically, your kids might say the same thing about you. Even more ironically, the solution to all this might be to “getScreen.”

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Screen, with a capital “S,” is a new home automation system that allows parents to quickly and easily limit screen time for every device in the house. Your family simply agrees on when screens should turn off, you input the rules and, boom, nobody’s phubbing at dinner. And since you’re as likely to reach that kind of consensus as you are to FaceTime with a unicorn, the rules for each individual device can be easily adjusted according to everyone’s daily schedules. That way, you can still send an important work email while your kid learns the value of not being a slave to Snapagram or whatever the young people are into these days (seriously, dude, you’re gonna have one empty-ass lawn). Conversely, if they’ve nailed their homework, they can get back to work on the Dad Cage they’re building in Minecraft while your own phone and tablet go into hibernation so you finally read that book you got for Christmas. In 2013.

The app and hardware system functions across PCs, game consoles, streaming devices, cable TV, tablets, and phones — and yes, it works for Android and iOS smartphones. And while Screen is designed for maximum flexibility, there’s even a built-in “nuclear option” that lets you shut down everything with a simple shake of your phone. Because, while Screen is about empowering everyone in your family, it doesn’t hurt to occasionally remind everyone who’s paying for all this stuff.

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