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The Samsung Frame TV Is Handsome AF and It’s on Sale Now

Make your living room look nice. You're going to be there for a while.

Let’s face it: We’re all hunkering down at home this winter, watching cheesy movies in our matching family pajamas and waiting for a vaccine. And so, now’s a decent time to invest in a quality TV, especially with Samsung offering up to $3000 off TVs. If you’ve had your eye on the Samsung Frame TV (or another one of the company’s more eccentric offerings) — which are famous for making living rooms everywhere look so much better — this is your sale.

A regular TV is hardly a design showpiece: It's mostly an eyesore. It serves a purpose but otherwise takes up wall space and looks ugly. This TV, though, normally $1500, is a framed work of art when the TV is off and a TV with 4K resolution when it's on. It also has a built-in motion that detects when you walk into the room so it automatically turns on.

Like its sibling, The Serif has Samsung's ambient mode screensaver tech that showcases works of art. But unlike the frame, it's meant to be a conversation piece in its own right. Hide cables inside the white I-shaped frame and put this TV, normally a cool $1500, in the middle of the room on the included stand.

The Sero is a 43-inch beauty of a TV that rotates, which makes it feel a bit like a massive phone. If you're the kind of person who watches a lot of vertically-shot videos, it's made for you. And even if you're not, the novelty of having a screen that rotates is more fun than a run-of-the-mill TV that, well, doesn't rotate. And you can save $500 on it during Samsung's Black Friday sale.

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