Samsung’s Frame TV Displays Art When You’re Not Watching The Big Game

It also comes with picture frames.

by Michael Frank
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samsung frame tv

Nobody ever said child-proofing your house was going to be easy. Sure, the drawers are latched and the bookshelves anchored, but be honest: you didn’t think Junior would lunge for the TV when Elmo came on the screen. You’d be wise to get that thing up on the wall. And while you’re at it, why not turn it into a piece of art? Samsung’s new Frame TV can do that.

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The Frame TV claims to be unlike any flat panel you’ve seen before — because this one comes with detachable picture frames. And these aren’t cheesy plastic frames either — they’re classy ones made of rich wood veneers and in colors that match your many throw pillows. The screen’s about as thick as a frameless mirror and uses Samsung’s no-gap wall mount to hang flush. It also uses a single optical line for power and connections, so the cable stealthily snakes into the background.

And, of course, there’s the art part. The beauty of the Samsung Frame TV is that when you’re not watching the Spurs game, it goes into “art mode” and displays real artwork from more than 100 curated pieces. This TV also reads the ambient light in the room, so it never overpowers your lamp or overshadows the Manet hanging next to it. And if you walk out of the room, it knows that too and shuts off to save juice.

The only drawback of this thing appears to be what we don’t know: the price and the specs, both of which will be revealed when Frame TV hits the market later this spring. It probably won’t be cheap, but there is something to be said for a television that a toddler can’t high-five during Sesame Street. Now your toddler-proofing is complete.

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