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The Samsung Airdresser Dry-Cleans Your Clothes — And Is 36% Off Until September 1

Freshen up your look in a few minutes, for $550 less until September 1

Slide this pantry-sized appliance into your laundry room or closet and it dries, de-wrinkles, and sanitizes your clothes in about 30 minutes. A blast of steam, combined with a jet of air, relaxes wrinkles from three shirts and pants while removing 99 percent of the most common bacteria, dust, and odors. A heat pump at the bottom dries the garments before the cycle is over. All it needs is a standard outlet—you fill the water reservoir from the front. No need to call a plumber.

While you're getting ready in the morning pop your outfit into this dresser while you shower, make coffee, or get the kids ready for school. Your clothes—even the gunky ones for the gym—come out deodorized, wrinkle-free, and dry with the use of an app.

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