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The Electric Riding Mower of Your Dreams Is $400 Off for this Labor Day Sale

Mowing is a time suck. A ride-on is the easiest way to take back your weekend

While some still debate the merits of mowing your lawn, or paying someone to do it for you, of this we are certain: No one has ever wished it took longer to mow. But also, if you were riding a mower you’d be smiling at least a little. Suburbanites may look at ride-on and tractor lawn mowers as the stuff of farms. But forget the looks. If you can dedicate the storage space in a shed or garage—about 49 x 66 inches—then it’s all a numbers game.

Plug this mower into any standard outlet overnight and it charges the batteries that power four brushless motors. Then the Ryobi has enough moxie to cut about 2 1/4 acres per charge. The 42-inch cutting deck, handled by a pair of side-by-side blades underneath, is adjustable right from the seat’s dashboard. Leave it as high as 4 1/2 inches or crop it down to just over an inch. There’s enough power here to plow through the tallest, thickest grass. Once you get the hang of the lap bars, which enable you to turn on a dime so you’re not messing around with a wide turning radius that many lawn tractors have, you’ll be cruising along at up to 7 miles per hour.

A ride-on mower cuts a 42-inch-wide swath in a single pass. That’s twice as much as most push-mowers. That means you get done in half the time. That’s great any time of year, but with a new NFL season starting, and MLB playoffs, fall is the perfect time to reclaim your weekend. And now they’re fully battery-powered, which means no messing around with pull starters, no oil changes, no filters, or gas cans. If you’ve got a ¼ care or more of lawn, you’re a prime candidate for a ride-on mower.

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