The Electric Riding Mower of Your Dreams Is $400 Off for this Labor Day Sale

Mowing is a time suck. A ride-on is the easiest way to take back your weekend

by Sal Vaglica
Originally Published: 

While some still debate the merits of mowing your lawn, or paying someone to do it for you, of this we are certain: No one has ever wished it took longer to mow. But also, if you were riding a mower you’d be smiling at least a little. Suburbanites may look at ride-on and tractor lawn mowers as the stuff of farms. But forget the looks. If you can dedicate the storage space in a shed or garage—about 49 x 66 inches—then it’s all a numbers game.

A ride-on mower cuts a 42-inch-wide swath in a single pass. That’s twice as much as most push-mowers. That means you get done in half the time. That’s great any time of year, but with a new NFL season starting, and MLB playoffs, fall is the perfect time to reclaim your weekend. And now they’re fully battery-powered, which means no messing around with pull starters, no oil changes, no filters, or gas cans. If you’ve got a ¼ care or more of lawn, you’re a prime candidate for a ride-on mower.

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