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Ryobi’s New Cooler Doubles as a Portable Air Conditioner

The Cooling Cooler uses all that ice to chill both your drinks and your tent.

Nothing puts a damper on a summer camping trip like insufferable heat. Sweat dripping. Kids complaining. The entire family suffering through sleepless nights stuffed in a tent that may as well be a sweat lodge. The great indoors never sounded so good. But before everybody piles back in the Kia and calls it quits, Ryobi offers a solution: A cooler that doubles as an air conditioner.

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Ryobi Air Conditioning Cooler
Another in the recent wave of coolers that do more than chill drinks, Ryobi’s aptly-named 18-volt Cooling Cooler is a battery powered ice box that pumps frigid air into your tent. Now, it doesn’t have a built-in A/C. What it does have is a ventilation system that blows air from the cooler out. Considering there’s already ice in the cooler, the setup makes perfect sense.

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The rugged chiller boasts a 50-quart capacity, two integrated drink holders, and a flip-up compartment for storing valuable dry goods. The battery is part of Ryobi’s One+ system, so it can be used in other tools as well, and reportedly runs for four hours on a single charge. That means you should bring a backup, lest the family finds itself moaning in the middle of the night when the cool air cuts out.

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The Cooling Cooler costs $199 and an extra battery runs around $100. Both are available exclusively at Home Depot.

Buy Now $199