The Ultimate “Something To Read” Gift: A Personalized Picture Book

Simply upload their picture and cue the main-character energy.

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Something they want, something they need, something to wear, something to read. It’s the gifting advice that’s rampant across Instagram and sounds great — in theory. I’m the type of parent who wants my kid to light up with every single gift, which makes those last three categories a struggle. The award-winning personalized children’s picture books from Read Your Story helped me check off “something to read” with confidence. If there’s one thing that my kids both love, it’s being the main character! Today, you can take 20% off your order by using the Fatherly-exclusive code Fatherly20 at checkout.

How Read Your Story Works

Give yourself the night off from storytelling and read them a book featuring their own name and smiling face. Written by a best-selling author, no less.

Ordering is ridiculously quick and easy. First, choose your favorite story, drop in your child’s name and an optional dedication. Then you’ll upload a photo of your kiddo facing forward. You can scale and rotate your photo right on the website for a perfect fit. Stories like A Monster Mess even let you choose your child’s favorite color and upload family photos that show up as art on the walls within the story.

Once you’ve personalized your future masterpiece and chosen a softcover or hardcover, you can preview each page to make sure everything looks great. Add the book to your cart, use the Fatherly20 code, and patiently wait for arrival. Print time takes just 3–5 days but shipping varies by location, so be sure to order in time to sneak it under the tree.

Turn The Page On Our Favorites

A book from Read Your Story is a personalized literary gift that everyone in the family will treasure. (With a main character this cute, how could they not?) It’s a thoughtful gift that’s budget-friendly too.

The Perfect Gift For Your Baby Is As Easy As A, B, C

This 30-page personalized baby book is the gift of choice for tots under three. Little ones can find themselves on the eye-catching pages of this alphabet storybook that uses their name and face to hold their attention as they follow along. Bonus? It makes the sweetest keepsake.

Recommended Age: 0–3 years old

Your Kid Is The Hero In This Adventure By A Best-Selling Author

New York Times bestselling children's author Kelly DiPucchio penned this story with your child at the center. They’ll be on the edge of their seat as they follow themselves as the hero of this mission to find out how this monster mess was created. You can even customize the cover of this funny read to be their favorite color.

Recommended Age: 3–8 years old

A Magical Holiday Classic Starring Them — In A Reindeer Suit

This charming twist on the classic "‘Twas the Night Before Christmas" is pure holiday magic as kids see themselves settle all the excited creatures in time for Santa’s arrival. You can include a friend or relative’s face for a cameo and two optional family photos to further personalize this customized holiday book.

Recommended Age: 3–8 years old

Put Both Your Kids On The Case Of The Stolen Dreams

This 32-page search-and-find book sends your dynamic duo on a heroic quest. Can they solve the mystery and return dreams to loved ones in time? Personalize this mystery book even further by adding photos of family members — or pets — to the final pages!

Recommended Age: 4–8 years old

What Parents Are Saying About Read Your Story

"That’s me! I’m in a book!" —Theo F., age 3

“I can definitely tell that there was a real person doing the final work on the books - I know when looking at the preview I was a little worried about their face placements a few times, but when the book was delivered, their perfect little faces were just where they should be.” —Shannon P.

“It was basically exactly what I was looking for as a gift—something that emphasized learning/reading but felt personal.” —Mike S.

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