Razor Totally Redeems Itself For Those Annoying Scooters By Making This

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No longer content to just produce kick scooters for kids, Razor is moving into one of the most tried-and-true markets in America: reckless, questionably safe fun on 4 wheels.

The Razor Crazy Cart is a 55-pound electric drifting go-cart that lets kids unleash their inner Vin Diesel all over the driveway without fun-killing encumbrances like brakes and seat belts. It can drift sideways, go backwards, whip around corners and pull off complete spins at a top speed of 12 miles per hour, which doesn’t sound like much until they’re uncorking a killer 360 with mere inches between them and pavement, like so:

The price of a Crazy Cart recently dropped to $299 on Amazon, a savings you can apply to your very own Crazy Cart XL, which is nearly twice as heavy, 6 inches longer and 7 inches higher than your kid’s model. It’s $800, but that’s a small price to pay in order to challenge your flesh and blood to a game of real life Mario Kart.

Razor Crazy Cart 

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Razor Crazy Cart XL 

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