Raybaby Health & Sleep Monitor Checks On Your Baby’s Sleep & Temp

And, of course, if they're sleeping.

by Dave Baldwin
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You may like the idea of monitoring your baby’s vitals while they sleep but you’re also leery about baby wearables because of that new Journal Of The American Medical Association study. Remember: it’s not the device that’s dangerous, but the anxiety-inducing false alarms (and the unnecessary medical tests they lead to). The new Raybaby Health & Sleep Monitor wants to cut out all that noise. They tout the fact that the baby monitor doesn’t touch your infant but instead keeps tabs on your baby from across the damn room.

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Raybaby is a Wi-Fi/Bluetooth-enabled video monitor that uses ultra-wideband radar to monitor your infant’s breathing, sleep patterns … possibly their proximity to inbound Russian aircraft? It looks like a fun little red-headed robot and sits at a safe distance on a nearby shelf (no mounting is always welcomed). From there, the baby monitor keeps tabs on everything from the number of breaths to how many times baby wakes up or rolls over. Even more impressive, Raybaby can detect whether your kid is running a fever — although you should probably go check, too.

Results are reportedly 98 percent accurate and are, of course, accessed on the smartphone app. This is also where you’ll get emergency alerts and your baby’s status updates: Awake, Sleepy, In A Relationship, etc. You get the idea. Raybaby is also a barebones video camera which live-streams your baby’s evening and takes pics and videos. (Show them off to friends when dinner conversation becomes stilted.) Plus, it rocks built-in speakers and audio monitoring — because you need the sound when your baby is furious.

Raybaby’s just about to surpass its Kickstarter goal, and with plenty of time. If you’re so inclined, pre-order away.

(Pre-order for September 2017)

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