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The Best Kids’ Rain Boots For Epic Puddle Jumping

All the fun, with none of the wet.

The benefits of kids’ rain boots are simple: They’re there to keep your kids’ feet dry. Because kids with wet feet have wet socks, and that combination leads to endless amounts of whining. So whether you’re looking for kids’ rubber boots, or toddler rain boots, if you get the right pair, a storm becomes more entertaining than the latest Disney flick.

Rain boots make rainy days funTry to remember how much fun it was to puddle jump as a kid. The hop. The splash. The power to create a tsunami on the sidewalk. And it didn’t require batteries! And, for a protective parent fearing wet feet, all it takes is some proactive purchasing of boots that can stand up to a kids’ jumping for joy in stormy weather.

A good pair of rain boots keeps kids’ feet snug, even in torrential downpours. If you live in a particularly frigid area, it may help to get insulated rain boots for extra warmth. You want rain boots that have solid traction, so kids don’t slip and slide. And they’re easy to pull on and off, so handles are good addition.  Kids’ rain boots have never been more brilliantly-colored – and we found the best rubbers around. Just don’t be too jealous if they don’t come in adult sizes, too.

Best Toddler Rain Boots

Get your toddler prepped for Glastonbury with these classic Hunter rain boots.

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Not only are these boots waterproof, but they’re from a British heritage brand and feature a lovely cushioned footbed.

Race cars, and sharks, and bunnies: oh, my! These delightful reasonably-priced printed boots will make kids pray for rain!

Big handles make these easy-on and kid friendly for children learning to dress themselves. They’re high quality, soft, flexible and so super cute your kids may want to wear them when the sun is shining!     

Not only do these rain boots come in any number of patterns for the choosiest of kids, but they a rubber exterior, a cotton lining, and slip-resistant soles. And added bonus is the removable insole.

These boots are easy to take on and pull off, thanks to the handles on the boots. The cotton liner and fabric insole keep little feet warm and toasty.

The handles make these toddler rain boots easy to take on and off, and the patterns make kids want to wear them.

These boots are waterproof, obviously. They also come in a ton of great patterns and colors, to suit every discerning toddler’s taste in footwear.

Best Kids’ Rain Boots

Just like the essentials for adult gardeners, these beauties are as comfy as they’re practical.

These rain boots have the foot-bed support found in regular shoes, are madly waterproof and insulated to keep tiny feet warm. And they also come in dozens of fun patterns from winking green dinos to floral pinks so your kids will be happy to wear them even on the wettest days.   

These are back-to-basics four-season rain boots for warm feet in cool colors.

They have a no-slip lugged sole, thick rubber shaft that goes high up the calf to avoid seepage, and a strong handle to help little hands pull them on all by themselves. And they come with a lifetime guarantee.

Ranked a #1 bestseller on Amazon, these rain boots are the jolly-colored rainy day basics that will line the school cloakroom on cloudy days.

We love those handles that help kids learn to grab their own rain boots and put them on. They’re lightweight high-quality rubber and waterproof, they come in nine colors including sunny yellow, 

These are the jelly beans of boots – sweet and jolly and ready for jumping. Kids love them.

Like the adult Hunters, these simple stylish high quality 100 percent rubber boots and soles are easy to clean and nearly indestructible. They also have a textile lining that keep feet warm and comfortable.   

The Hatley rain boots are made from pure rubber, have a fabric lining, and slip-proof soles.

Pros: Hatley boots are a no-brainer for most kids. They’re easy to pull on and take off. They’re flexible at the ankle, making them more comfortable to wear. And the non-slip sole will help keep kids safe during major puddle jumping.

These boots were made for stomping – and that’s just what they’ll do all over the neighborhood and long enough to hand down to the next round of kids or cousins.

These rain boots have a durable lugged sole for slip resistance; a large, round opening for easy on-and-off; a ten-inch shaft to keep the water from entering at the top. And they come in a variety of solid colors including a rocking red, and some with contrasting soles.

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