The Best Toddler Rain Boots for Epic Puddle Jumping

All the fun, with none of the wet.

by Thelma Adams
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A yellow toddler rain boot with an L.L. Bean logo on them, set against an aqua background

Toddler rain boots have one basic but crucial job: They’re there to keep your kids’ feet dry. Because kids with wet feet have wet socks, and that combination leads to endless amounts of whining. If you get the right pair, a storm becomes more entertaining than the latest Disney flick.

Rain boots make rainy days fun. Try to remember how much fun it was to puddle jump as a kid. The hop. The splash. The power to create a tsunami on the sidewalk. And it didn’t require batteries! And, for a protective parent fearing wet feet, all it takes is some proactive purchasing of boots that can stand up to a kids’ jumping for joy in stormy weather.

A good pair of rain boots keeps kids’ feet snug, even in torrential downpours. If you live in a particularly frigid area, it may help to get insulated rain boots for extra warmth. You want rain boots that have solid traction, so kids don’t slip and slide. And make sure that they’re easy to pull on and off, so handles are good addition.

The Best Toddler Rain Boots

The Best Kids’ Rain Boots

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