‘Q’s Race To The Top’ Is A Board Game That Helps Teach Kids Social Skills

Start 'em young.

by Dave Baldwin
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q's race to the top board game

Considering most adults can’t carry on a conversation in the same room these days without a smartphone, the odds of your toddler developing strong social skills are growing slimmer by the hour. Let’s just say when it comes to teaching good manners, the importance of sharing, and why making eye contact with the cashier at Target is totally normal, you have your work cut out for you. For some help, there’s a board game that teaches emotional intelligence (EQ) called Q’s Race To The Top.

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Long and short, Q is a genius monkey who lacks social skills, and it’s up to your kids to help him reach his treehouse by answering 3 types of question/action cards: “Q” cards ask your kid for advice on how to handle specific social situations, i.e. “Q gets bored waiting in line at the store. How should he pass the time?” Or: “Q’s sister says he’s a terrible listener. What can he do get better?” “You” cards take aim at getting kids to verbalize their feelings (Oh, goodie). “When is it okay to cry?” (Never); “What is something you’re not very good at yet?” (“Ummm, nothing really comes to mind, sorry Dad. Your turn.”) You get the idea.

And finally, “Do” cards are about flexing their physical muscles, literally. They require your kids to perform silly actions like “Punch your fists in front of you 50 times fast” and “Bend your knees and crouch down low” in an effort to learn body control, and by default, develop emotional self-control. It’s up to you as the parent to decide if your kids answer were satisfactory enough to move up the tree or if they’re phoning it in. First kid to get their monkey figurine to the house wins.

Assuming your kids love all the sharing and advice giving, they’ll be happy to learn that what Q lacks in social graces, he makes up for in entrepreneurial vision — dude’s got his monkey hands in everything. In addition to the board game, there’s also a Q-Time Buddy doll, a read-along storybook & CD, a coloring & activity book, and even a 90-card Q on the Go travel version for on-the-road introspection. You can score them all in a $62 bundle. Or, you can just download the Q Wunder show and app on your smartphone and get back to texting that friend sitting next to you.

Ages: 3+

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