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Put Kids Behind The Wheel Of A Huge Truck Without Endangering Any Pedestrians

If you have little kids or ever were one yourself, you know there are certain things they all love. Somewhere on that list, between Not Sleeping, Walking Into The Path Of Certain Doom, and Frozen, you’ll find trucks. Trucks are, of course, objectively awesome. They’re big, they’re loud, they haul stuff, they push dirt around — some trucks even drive over more trucks. Now, thanks to the Super Nano Trucks app for smartphones, you little Bob The Builder can get behind the wheel and do all kinds of awesome truck things without seriously terrorizing a job site.

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Bughouse Kids’s Super Nano Trucks is simple to pick up and play right from the jump, with colorful graphics that are easy to read even if your kid can’t. The in-game job site is run by a forewoman, because driving, digging, and dumping are for everyone. Pushing the hard hat prompts players to attempt challenges with questions like, “Do you want to help us pick up dirt?” Do I? Picking up said dirt, laying down roads, and completing other tasks earns players hard hats. However, they can also just drive around crashing into things, dumping giant rocks everywhere, making authentic truck sounds, and talking to Large Marge on the CB radio.Super Nano Trucks Kids can drive a cement mixer into a concrete plant to learn how construction materials, sidewalks, roads, and structures are made, but if your kid’s having too much fun to learn anything, that’s fine. Because you know what else is on the list of things all kids love? Digging in the dirt.

Super Nano Trucks: $2.99 (iOs)
Ages: 3-8