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This Super Portable Stand Up Paddleboard Set is 20% Today

Fitwave’s kit provides everything you need — and right now, it’s cheaper than ever.

by Jon Gugala
Stand up paddle boarding or standup paddleboarding on quiet sea at sunset with beautiful colors duri...

There are so many benefits of stand-up paddleboarding (aka SUP) that it’s hard to pick just a few. It’s a great source of low-impact cardio, a new means of aquatic exploration, and a hell of a way to beat the summer heat. If you’ve been interested in taking the plunge, this inflatable SUP kit by Fitwave is the most affordable place to start. And this Prime Day, you can save almost a hundred bucks.

Solid-construction boards are great, but storage and transport will always be a challenge. That’s why inflatables, like this one, are perfect: Despite its 11-foot length, the board by Fitwave packs down into an included backpack so you can throw it in your car or over your shoulder and go. Once you arrive at your beach or launch, use the included two-way pump to quickly inflate it and shove off. It will comfortably hold up to 350 pounds.

The included kit items round out the set with an aluminum paddle, ankle leash, waterproof phone case, and waterproof repair kit. It’s everything you need, minus swim trunks.