Backcountry Firepit

Get This Smokeless Campfire Stove for 40% Off Today

Solo Stove’s portable, smoke-free Campfire Stove is simple to use, smoke-free, and today, dirt cheap.

by Jon Gugala

Over the last two years, Solo Stove has supersized its stainless steel fire pits for use in urban terrain. But its roots run deep in the camping space, and the same tech that burns clean in the backyard is present in its smaller camping-focused products. And during Prime Day, you can pick up its Campfire Stove for almost half off.

The genius of the Solo Stove design is in focusing heat back into the fire pit. After all, cooler fires produce more smoke, which explains why, when seated around one of its products, you’re not dodging white rabbits. Constructed from stainless steel, it’s both rugged enough and long-lasting to take you into the bush and back, and due to its design, it can burn most anything you’ll find when far from home.

But it’s not just a pretty flame; the Camping Stove was designed to cook, and it boils water in a lightning-fast two-to-four minutes. It also accommodates a variety of pots and pans, remaining notably stable despite its seven-inch width.

If you’re looking to bring some of Solo Stove’s patented tech on your next camping trip, leaving the gas behind and burning what you find, there’s no better place to start than with its Camping Stove. And right now, on Prime Day, there’s not been a better time to buy. Pick one up before they’re gone.