Brightness In Bulk

This 4-Pack Of Camping Lanterns Is Half Off Today

Kit out the whole family with Eveready’s camping lantern multi-pack.

by Jon Gugala
LED camping lantern 360 PRO (4-pack)

Sure, kerosene lamps do have that nostalgic glow, but unless you want to risk burning down a forest, their use, especially paired with kids, should bring serious pause. That’s why we love this four-pack of battery-powered LED lanterns by Eveready. Whether it’s lighting up a late-evening dinner, a few well-placed props for scary stories, or just illuminating the path to the privy, they’re a great choice. And now they’re half off for Prime Day.

Eveready’s camping lanterns use LED lights and reflectors, which means they use the least-demanding source to produce the greatest amount of lumens. While each lantern runs off three AA batteries, they have a projected 100-hour lifespan, meaning your child could accidentally leave them on over Labor Day and you’ll still have juice to spare. They’re also multi-use for the greatest versatility, having flashlight, 360-degree, or long-throw functions.

Each unit has a magnetic base, as well as a hanging hook, to accommodate the greatest number of uses. Whether adhered to the side of an Airstream or hanging from the nail of a barn beam, you’ll find yourself rarely unable to accommodate the situation.

Lanterns make for great campsites, and this Prime Day, Eveready’s LED Camping Lantern 360 Pro Four-Pack is nearly half off their regular price. So pick up an armload for the coming camping season — you’ll thank us later.