Instantly Print And Share Photos From Your Phone With This Tiny Printer

No, like, give physical photographs to real-life friends. They even stick to actual walls!

by Steve Schiff

Last year, Polaroid brought back “Polaroids,” which sounded awesome until everyone remembered that we all stopped carrying cameras around 2005. Polaroids never stopped being awesome, though, and Grandma never stopped demanding fresh fridge magnet fodder, so Polaroid did what companies do in this crazy, non-camera-toting modern world: they pivoted. With their new Polaroid Zip Instant Photoprinter, you can still instantly print your latest selfie without replacing your phone as your camera of choice. Which is good, because that Siri has been known to get very jealous.

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The Polaroid Zip Instant Photoprinter outputs the same adhesive-backed, 2″ by 3″ prints as the aforementioned Snap camera, using the same inkless, smudge-proof, too-rugged-for-Junior-to-tear ZINK Paper and printing process. The difference with Zip is you don’t need a separate device to capture the moment. Take a photo with your phone, link to Zip via Bluetooth or NFC technology, and within 60 seconds you can share it with an actual human sitting next to you and all those Instagram followers you’ve never met. All while leaving one hand free to pat yourself on the back for being digital and analog at the same time. Your future hipster kids will totally appreciate how awesome stuff was back in the good old days.

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