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Pley Is Crowdsourcing Lego Set Ideas Better Than Lego Itself

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Pley, the service that offers Lego rentals for a monthly fee, has launched PleyWorld, a crowdsourcing platform that allows master builders with freakish design (and Lego set combination) skills to turn their ideas into reality. It’s a lot like Lego’s own crowdsourcing platform except, well, better. That’s because Lego’s platform requires 10,000 votes just get an idea before a review board. PleyWorld only requires 5,000 votes before it will source all the relevant pieces and make them available to rent as complete sets.

The projects currently skew a wee bit toward people who started playing with Legos in their basement 30 years ago and never left (looking at you, “violent and brooding Abzumo“), but there are still some legitimately cool ones that could build with your kid. Here are 5 (along with Yoda up there) worth voting for.

The Ice Cream Truck (300 Pieces)

If your kid was unimpressed by Famous Oto’s cardboard ice cream truck, maybe they’ll get a little more excited about one they can build themselves.

Dumb And Dumber Motorcycle (100 Pieces)

What better way to introduce your kids to one of the greatest comedies of all time than through Legos?

Gail Nealor Lynder (183 Pieces)

Proving the crowds are often ahead of the companies serving them, this steampunk heroine is badass without conforming to any of Legos’ occasional gender slip ups.

Big Ben (8,000 Pieces)

This should effectively handle every rainy day between now and the time they graduate from high school.

Donut (450 Pieces)

“Mmmmmm … donut.”

If this has you interested in checking out Pley’s “Netflix for Legos” subscription plans, they start at $15 a month. If it doesn’t, why do you hate fun?

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