This Tiny GPS Tracker Locates Your Kid (Or Luggage) Anywhere In The World

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You’ve probably entertained the idea of tracking your kid. Not in the shove-an-implant-in-his-nose Total-Recall way. But more in the clip-a-GPS-tracker-to-his-pants sort of way. Most such items have too short a range or a battery that drains faster than your liquor cabinet when the in-laws visit. The new Ping GPS, however, eliminates both of those issues. In fact, it allows you to track your kid anywhere in the world.

About the size of a Gatorade cap, the one-ounce Ping uses Bluetooth, cellular, and GPS to keep tabs on whatever its attached to. Better still, you only need to plug its Li-Ion battery in once every 3 months (you’ll know when it’s levels are dwindling thanks to the indicator on the accompanying app). Several trackers can be used at once and you can view everybody you’re tracking (kid, dog, business partner) in one spot. Simply tap each icon and Ping displays their location on the map, as well as directions so you can find and confront them about the embezzling.

Ping also boasts 2 kid-friendly features: A check-in button and a distress signal. Hit once, the button instantly lets you know if your kid is at the park, over at a friend’s house, or onboard an outbound freighter headed to Guatemala. If he holds the button down, it sends a distress signal so help can be notified. Oh, and it’s waterproof up to 30 feet, so you’re not out $100 when it inevitably goes in the pool.

Ping GPS Tracker

Ping runs about $100 (not the cheapest, considering how small/lose-able it is) and requires a cellular data plan. They throw in the first year for free, but it’ll run you about $3 per month per device after that. Their Indiegogo’s fully funded, though, so feel free to pre-order for July.

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