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Pimple Pete Game Unboxing & Toy Review

Created by Dr. Pimple Popper, Pimple Pete is a super-gross game your kids will probably love, and you will probably hate. Can you extract all the pimples without popping the Mega-Zit on Pete’s nose? Our editor-at-large, Joshua David Stein, tries his hand at the pimple-popping madness.

Pimple Pete is a two-person pimple-popping game targeted toward families with children 5 and up. You can either play one-on-one, taking turns to pull pimples out of Pete’s face until someone sets off the Mega-Zit, or you can add more players and earn points for each pimple you “pop” without bursting the Mega-Zit. Turn the spinner to choose an area, then select a squishy pimple from that area and carefully twist and wiggle the pimple out. Earn 1, 2, or 3 points for every pimple you successfully pull, depending on the level of difficulty.

The first thing you will notice after taking Pimple Pete out of the box is Pete’s face, filled with holes and a bag of uncomfortably realistic zits. If just looking at these zits aren’t enough to gross you out, just try giving them a squeeze. The box also includes a depository to fill with water and attach to Pete’s nose. When the Mega-Zit is triggered, this water will squirt out of Pete’s nose. It takes some finessing to pull the pimples out, and if you shake Pimple Pete’s face too much, then you risk popping the Mega-Zit on his nose. Pimple Pete could be the next gross game for your family night.