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The Piggyback Driver Helmet Lets Kids Steer Their Parents

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Because yelling “go left, go right” on a piggyback ride is hardly befitting of the tech-savvy kid you’re trying to raise, this ‘”smart” helmet lets them actively steer using the affixed handlebars and a series of electric shocks — kidding! — vibrations to your head. Seriously.

In fact, the Piggyback Driver may be the perfect toy, albeit a novelty one: Your kid gets to actively engage in a ride around the park while you don’t have to listen to them bark directions like a side-seat driver navigating the alleys of an Italian alpine village. It’s a win-win. (Unless, of course, you actually enjoy talking to your child while playfully hoofing them around.)

Check out the bells-and-whistles on this puppy:

  • Handlebars: Not only are they connected to the vibrating sensors inside the helmet that tell you which direction to turn, but they also provide a place for your kid to hold on that doesn’t involve choking you.
  • Turn signals: Yep, when they steer left or right, the LED blinkers also flash. Somewhat useful for approaching pedestrians, no?
  • A horn: For close calls with cyclists and/or when your piggyback ride is stuck in traffic moving through a busy airport terminal.
  • The Piggyback Driver Helmet
    Turbo button: All the turbo button really does is cause a ruckus of lights and sound. That said, the helmet also includes sensors that measure and react to your speed. Take off in a full sprint down the block (not recommended) and the LEDs on the side of the helmet go nuts.
  • It protects your head: Mostly from your kid smacking it out of excitement as you race them around the yard at high speeds. Unfortunately, it can’t do anything for your aching back or shoulders.

Now, here’s the big drawback of the Piggyback Driver: You can’t buy one yet. It’s actually still just a concept. That said, they are looking for partners to make it a reality, which means there’s still time for you to climb on board and steer this piggyback ride to success.

Piggyback Driver

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