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The Best Personalized Books for Kids for Making Reading Even More Fun

These books make kids the heroes of the story. Who could say no to that?

Kids love to hear about themselves. Any parent who’s been asked to make up a bedtime story on the spot knows this well —  nothing thrills kids more than being dropped into the heart of a tale, where they can suddenly see eye-to-eye with the characters who live there. Indulging this age-appropriate appetite with personalized stories — personalized books for kids that put them at the center of illustrated stories — helps even reading-reluctant kids see why reading is nothing short of magic.

Reading to kids comes with so many benefits, and personalized books can help kids transition to independent reading. Personalized children’s books keep young readers engaged and captivated, as they follow themselves through mysteries, adventures, and everyday stories about starting school or making friends. Who can say no to a story that’s about them? The best personalized books are also great stories in their own right — the personalization is an added bonus. They’re the kind of books you won’t mind reading again and again. And again. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Wonderbly offers dozens of personalized books and series for different ages. One of our favorites: the Where Are You series, mysteries in which young readers travel through alternate universes searching for different versions of themselves Where's Waldo–style. In the sequel, an evil pigeon is trying to take over the world and kids have to travel back in time and spot previous versions of themselves to save the world. The interactive element keeps kids engaged, and the detailed illustrations mean they can return to it over and over again and notice new details each time. The series is designed for kids ages 4 and up.

I See Me offers a variety of formats for personalized books, all of which have standout illustrations. 'Who Loves me' allows users to add the names of all the people in a child's life who love them, and prompts the child to raise their hands to the sky to indicate how much they love them. Users can even upload a photo of the child for the dedication page. They also offer personalized puzzles and board games.

This sweet picture book follows a family of penguins as it illustrated to the child everything the person giving the book promises to do: help them follow their dreams, always have time for them, always help them feel better, and more. It comes in soft and hardcovers and can include one or two gift givers.

Put Me in the Story offers personalized books for many ages, occasions, holidays, and even features kids’ favorite characters, such as Pete the Cat and Curious George. We love this Don't Push the Button book for its great use of interactive elements. It prompts kids to push a button, shake the book, and interact with characters to move the story along.

In this book, your child faces some first day of school jitters, but is encouraged by letters from children in Nepal, India, Jordan, South Africa, Vietnam, and Honduras, who invite them to visit and learn about bravery. Illustrations of each country are done by a local artist, books are printed on recycled paper, and for each book purchased, Librio gives one to a child in need through Room to Read. Be Brave is designed for kids ages 4 to 8.

Written by the author of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, this personalized book describes all the things a big sister can do for their new sibling. It describes the position with pride, and models a positive sibling relationship. There's a big brother version too.

This book includes all the classic nursey rhymes, from twinkle twinkle little star to hickory dickory dock, and features an illustration of your child on each page.

Memorialize the advice you want to share with your child with this fully customizable book. Each page contains different words of wisdom with playful graphics.

In this storybook, you and your kid take on the role of two friendly bears embarking on a camping trip in search of treasure. You get to pick the names of the bears as well as their friends, hometown, and ages.

This endearing personalized book tells the story of a tiny giraffe who just wants to grow tall and fit in with her peers. Only the name is customizable, but what it lacks in options it makes up for in quality of storytelling. It's especially great for pint sized kids who are bothered by their size.

This classic abc book comes with a twist. On every few pages, your baby's face gets inserted into the scene, whether as an astronaut, pilot, or a kangaroo.

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